Are Non-Compete restrictions legal in California?

Non-compete agreements are generally void and unenforceable in California unless they qualify for a statutory exception. Note that an employer cannot make the signing of an employment agreement, which contains an unenforceable covenant not to compete, a condition of continued employment. An employer’s termination of an employee who refuses to sign such an agreement constitutes a wrongful termination in violation […]

All you need to know about Professional Corporations

A professional corporation, also referred to as a professional service corporation, allows specified professionals to practice their profession through a corporation. It operates like a corporation and is generally subject to the general business corporation law of its state of incorporation, as well as the state‚Äôs specific professional service corporation statutes. Unlike a business corporation, a PC […]

Is there a maximum interest for California loans?

Short answer is probably yes. As a general rule, for written contracts, the maximum annual interest rate is 10% if the loan is for use primarily for personal, family, or household purposes (i.e., a consumer loan). Note that real estate loans acquired to purchase real estate, construct a home or building, or to make improvements are not considered consumer […]